Tuliptable S.L.

EXNOVO Law offers comprehensive real estate legal advice to the company’s operations in Barcelona in all elements of the process. With them we have already experienced the whole cycle of real estate operations, for example in the purchase and sale of the building Roc Boronat 23, Passatge Klein 25, or Castany 23.

In recent years we've worked with EXNOVO Law on the legal and technical analysis of several real estate investments in Barcelona. We were not familiar with the legal system, the usual problems a foreign investor faces, and the practice and tempo of a real estate purchase in Barcelona. EXNOVO was of great help preparing and negotiating all the contracts, as well as solving all problems which appeared, including construction defects and breaches of contract. They have a very good knowledge of the fundamentals of the real estate market in Barcelona, and they bring a business-oriented focus to solving problems.