Restaura Kolska

From 2009 to 2013 the EXNOVO Law team advised a Spanish institutional owner (financial institution) on the legal management of a 2.5 hectare land project (Kolska 3) awarded in the city of Warsaw (Wola district). The legal advice included all the legal elements of the transfer of the asset located in Poland within a bankruptcy process in Spain and, once completed, together with our Polish legal team, the urban transformation of the entire property, management of litigation for work in progress, obtaining a building permit, bank refinancing of the liabilities, and advice on the sale to a local developer.

Following the insolvency of the project's industrial partner, we had to take over the entire development in Poland from Spain. EXNOVO Law and the team we had in Poland allowed us to preserve the value of the project and sell it under the best conditions to a local developer.